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MVA is a central database that organises processes for future reference and makes traceability, comparison, and reporting easier and more efficient.

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This is the platform that puts your organization on the cutting edge and provides you with the latest tools required to ensure safety, ease of operation, process quality, manufacturing and service deadlines as well as preventive maintenance.

We are able to access your machine upon your request and make the necessary configurations or support remotely.

Remote engineering, operation and process supervision.

Communication bundled per zone, allowing for free cross border movement for mobile units. When moving across continents please advise Micafluid.

You can request support by opening a ticket on the form above.

No, we have a trouble free annual subscription which covers your support needs beyond the guarantee period.

The Support team is available between 07:00am and 18:00 (Swiss time) every weekday, a support outside of this schedule can be performed upon previous request.