21 Vorteile der Verwendung von Micafluid Technologie im Jahr 2021

Micafluid bietet neue Artikel in zwei führenden Zeitschriften der Transformatorenindustrie, dem Transformer Technology Magazine und dem Transformers Magazine. Lesen Sie den vollständigen Artikel, um mehr über die 21 Vorteile der Verwendung der Micafluid-Technologie im Jahr 2021 zu erfahren. Transformer Technology Magazine and Transformers Magazine. Read the full article to find out about the 21 Advantages of using Micafluid Technology in 2021.

“Electricity is one of the most crucial dis­coveries in human history, providing comfort, encouraging inventions, and having huge importance fuelling our ev­eryday life. The most important enabler of all these possibilities are transformers, located on all branches of the power­ line. Yet, a great number of transform­ers in use are already at, or close to, the end of their lifecycle. The ongoing integration of renewable energy systems is causing fluctuations to occur more strongly and more frequent­ly, endangering the stability of the system.

Essential to the life expectancy of any transformer is the state of its insulat­ing oil. Not only is it an integral part of the oil and paper insulation system, but it also serves to provide cooling and health indicators through oil analysis. However, over time, the ageing rate of transformer oils, besides temperature, is accelerated by water, oxygen and gas content as well as acids derived from oil degradation. These, along with oth­er contaminants adversely affect the dielectric strength of the oil resulting in a lower Breakdown Voltage (BDV), propagating into a series of operational issues which shorten the service life of the asset.”